AnE is the first and only sophisticated all-in-one RolePlay and Fertility HUD with support for Humans, Anthros, Ferals, Taurs, and Synthetics of Male, Female, Hermaphrodite, Andromorph, and Gynomorph genders; AnE will supplement your role-playing with menus to engage with your partner and others while flirting with the chance of pregnancy. Using the HUD's intercourse functionality, you can augment your role-play messages that you and your partner receive using various story options to simply breed, perform oral, or anal with; you can mount, penetrate, thrust, climax, and then pull out or continue for more fun. The risk of pregnancy is real, and your births construct a family tree that is visible to other AnE users. This is an ever-expanding role-playing system that features stats integration, item usage, and a customizable role-play titler; the possibilities are endless.

AnE is a SMArt (Server Managed Architecture) Product; meaning that the implementation is changing and updating while you are using the product and now hosted on Google Cloud for lightspeed performance!

  • Multiple Genders

    Supports ALL genders (Males, Females, Hermaphrodites, Andromorphs, and Gynomorphs

  • Multiple Copulations

    Capable of engaging in intercourse with more than one individual at a time; intelligent tracking between sessions that know which orifices are being used by who for which purpose; and with advanced event chaining, an orgasm can be felt by all in your session.

  • RLV Character/Outfit Switching

    Allows you to easily switch your complete avatar when switching characters; you can even control it down to the outfit. This also allows for stripping of clothing during copulation/intercourse with your partner.

  • RLV Belly Bulges

    Based on pregnancies and fluids; abdomen sizes are calculated off anal, oral, vaginal pregnancies and amount of fluids. Use those essence restorer items or steal a stat to boost your essence and fill all those holes!

  • Breeding Gardens

    An item that is used to designate a location for increased compatibility that grows with heavier traffic within the area. Take advantage of the buff with your potential partners or others in the area!

  • Searching Capabilities

    Multiple options for searching for individuals on the HUD such as our Global Search, Nearby Search, Garden Search, Online Users (with Fertility status).

  • Communication

    Talk with other HUD users currently using the system across regions and users in the Telegram group all with one gesture command.

  • Items

    Items will always provide a myriad of features and functionality to the HUD; such as Aging Potions, Essence & Arousal Boosters, and other consumable items.

  • Plugins

    Plugins extend the functionality of the HUD to bring new capabilities and integrations with other third-party products.

  • Role Player

    Displays character information above your head along with allowing for full customization on how it is displayed. Includes OOC and Away statuses built-in that can be used easily.

  • Realistic Stats

    Stats for monitoring heath, defense, consciousness, strength, arousal, essence, and fertile status! Includes HUD with minimal appearance that aesthetically fits design.

  • Third-Party

    Integrates with Lovense, F-List, Telegram, Steam, and others...


... It's really simple to use, and once done setting it up I was even able to link my lovense toys up to it, I had tried a few other systems and the lovense integration always was a pain in the butt to do. (pun not intended) The fact you can also link f-list steam and more to it is great, so far my partner loves it as well, I got it so that while they are away irl we can still have some intimate time, and let just say it's going to be great!

On to the other things, the species set up and profile settings are crazy customizable, genders (pretty much all of them) anything from human to what I can tell any furry you'd want. All in al wish I could give it more than 5 stars, I can't wait to see what more integrations come out with it!

Lynn Littlepaws