Oviposition is the long awaited plugin for giving births in the form of an egg; this plugin allows you to transform your births into the form of an egg which can be given to another user to create their character from or just fill your nest with. Currently, the plugin will allow any species to have their births in the form of an egg but only the female or one that labored the pregnancy is able to actually make use of this plugin.

The process of actually laying eggs can be handled one of two way, either during the birthing state or at any point by selecting the plugin from the plugin menu dialog. For this process to be successful, you must be allowed to rez object on the land; once an egg is rezzed successfully, the birth information which will appear above the egg and renamed to the name of the birth for easy inventorying. If you wish to rename the birth or change the floating text, all this can be handled by clicking on the egg after it has been initialized and you are currently in the normal running state.

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