Nectar Extractor

Nectar Extractor is a plugin designed to persist the arousal at a desired level while the device extracts the female lubricant fluids into an internal reservoir until full; indicators revealing the personalized color of nectar being collected will show the arousal level set and level of fluid collected.

Touch access of the device allows any individual to utilize the device at any point to retrieve what has been collected from the system into a container; any retrieval will trigger attaching the container followed by a pressurized blowoff with disconnection and adjusted fluid level indicators both on the system and the container that was filled.

Arousal level, system flush, and customization are all accessible through the plugin menu; the shaft, system, and quick connect valve are customizable to color and the device is scalable through the HUD for best fit; all settings can be stored and transferred between devices but only one device may be used per character if the system is already containing fluid, else it must be flushed to be utilized by another individual.

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